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                                                                                                    New Products for 2019:

        1.  Hitomi Broadcast MatchBox, IdentBox and Glass.   Audio and Video line up tools for 4K, 3G, HDR, HD and SD.

       2.  DVEO  Great product line up for encoders, decoders, transcoders, OTT systems, Channel manager playout and commercial insertion products.  HDR & 4K linux based encoders and decoders.    Products availbe on bare metal, VM or in the cloud.  Emmy award for R.I.S.T/DOZER applications. Available today as an add on to encoders and decoders, as a gateway or in the Cloud.  JPEG2K TRANSCODERS to multiple format outputs.

 3.  ADVA: 2110 & 2022 Grandmaster/slave Clocks in an SFP or an IP-67 rated hockey puck size housing with redundant antennas, can be mounted indoors,on a window or outside.  Great for remote productions where timing can be matched to the studio GPS.  SMPTE 2059 and AES 67 compilant and top level security.  Call or email for spec sheets and dem

 4.  PluraBroadcast: The only Broadcast Monitors with built in IP decoding for 2110, 2022.  CC, SFP Fiber inputs, timecode products over IP.

                         5.  Techno Mathematica is TMath.  1/10th of second latency encoder for network return feeds to iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV devices. 

                              Bi Directional two channel audio IFB and intercom.


Please call or email us to set up a demo, request a quote or get support on any of these products.

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Our wide array of media product includes everything from encoders and  tools to  monitoring systems and media creation equipment.

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If you're in need of professional, video, and media products for broadcast, production, or , contact DMC Broadcast Group, LLC. We proudly serve New York City and the tri-state area. DMC Broadcast Group represents manufacturers from all over the world. We help them sell, distribute, and market their hardware and software products for broadcast, cable networks, station groups,  facilities, and studios.

With more than 30 years of industry experience, we know which audio and video equipment you need to reach your customers. There have been a lot of changes in the world of TV over the past three decades, and our owner has been there every step of the way. Today, we represent cutting-edge technologies, and we always have our eyes out for unique, hard-to-find broadcast equipment, like MatchBox and DVEO.

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